Cardo Provides Over 300 hours Of Work Experience To Support An Aspiring Electrician.

OPSL work experience student, Brin, has completed over 300 hours with us. Osborne Property Service support people throughout their careers.


Cardo has successfully supported Chichester College student, Brin, through an Electrical work experience placement. Driven by his career aspirations and passion for electrical work, Brin seized the chance at a community event to connect with Cardo’s Social Value Manager, Neal about his need for a work placement to fulfil his college industry commitment. Excited about Brin’s potential, Cardo welcomed him into the Arun team.

Following an application and interview process, Brin was able to gain 317 hours of invaluable work experience under the mentorship of Cardo’s experienced Electrical Operatives Tim and Gary. They provided Brin with tailored support and knowledge to enhance his existing skills, instilling a commitment to lifelong learning. Not only did this hands-on learning experience contribute to Brin’s personal and professional growth, but also showcased his stand-out commitment and dedication that he brought to the team.

In recognition of Brin’s outstanding enthusiasm and commitment to learning, Operatives Tim and Gary, presented him with a placement completion certificate and was also awarded a gift voucher, acknowledging his hard work and dedication throughout the placement.

Cardo recognises the impact of supporting of work experience placements in shaping the next generation of professionals. Beyond technical expertise, supporting a work experience placement empowers young individuals like Brin to build confidence in interactions with colleagues and customers.

“This placement has helped me understand more of what I am being taught in my theory lessons at college, and what I have been tasked in practical lessons. It’s also helped me further my understanding and experience of my college course college – experiencing this with my mentors gave me an increased understanding. This placement has helped me understand a lot more about residential electrics and working as part of a company team.”


Electrical Student,

Chichester College

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