Cardo’s Christmas Joy in Supporting Slough Young Carers through our ‘Gifts of Gratitude’ Campaign

Slough Young Carers Gifts of Gratitude event helping carers to pick a gift for a loved one.


This Christmas Cardo supported Slough Young Carers through our ‘Gifts of Gratitude’ office campaign, aimed at recognising the commitment of young carers who selflessly assist family members facing diverse challenges, including illness, disability, or mental health issues. This initiative by Cardo sought to extend heartfelt appreciation to these exceptional individuals.

The collective efforts of Cardo staff resulted in generous donations of presents for teens, children, mums, and dads over a two-week period. Cardo staff took the extra step of expressing their appreciation for the incredible work of young carers by personally writing heartfelt and positive handwritten cards. These messages were a sincere reflection of gratitude for the selfless dedication demonstrated by the young carers in their invaluable roles.

Cardo’s Social Value Managers, Sairah and Neal, actively participated in Slough Young Carers’ annual Family Christmas Event. This special occasion allowed young carers to personally select and wrap gifts for their loved ones. Neal welcomed families to Cardo’s gifting station, while Sairah provided assistance aiding eager individuals in wrapping their chosen presents. Cardo’s hand written cards were given to each young carer.

The event also featured other engaging activities such as a virtual reality stand, a bouncy castle, face painting, and various arts and crafts, organised by Slough Young Carers. These activities provided families with a well-deserved opportunity to enjoy themselves and find respite amidst their responsibilities.

Cardo found immense pleasure in contributing to such a meaningful cause. Aliya Chaudhri, Slough Young Carers Lead, conveyed her gratitude, stating

“a HUGE thank you for your participation, support and donations for the Slough Young Carers family event on Saturday, your kindness will mean so very much to all the Young Carers and their families. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for everything that you did to make our event special”.

Cardo is committed to supporting initiatives that recognise the invaluable contributions of young carers in the Slough community, and in making a positive impact in fostering a supportive environment for those in need.

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